Welcome to the whinge

We all know what bad customer service looks like.

Or do we?

Look, there are two types of poor customer service in this world. The first is blatant: lost luggage, a horribly damaged parcel, or a waiter literally spitting in your food.

This blog is often not about those.

The second is subtle: Hand dryers in public toilets that are positioned too low down, shitty self-service checkouts, and discounts you have to ask for, even though you shouldn’t have to. Nobody is being malicious, they’re just… not being very good at their job. Or the training they received was poor. Or the entire system was poorly thought-out.

Oh yeah, I can talk about the second type all day long.

Don’t get me wrong though, if something genuinely pisses me off, I’ll write about that too. If someone is doing something with malice – say, a scam – I’ll write about it.

So what is the whinge (apart from a sister blog to the binge, my TV & Film review site?) Well, it’s somewhere for all my pedantic, ranty thoughts to end up.